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Business VoIP with call quality and reliability

The growth of access to broadband networks has transformed the way business communicate.  Turning to VoIP is the key to leverage rich communication capabilities and cut important capital and operating costs of legacy telephony services.

With FonCentrix you can now enjoy the benefits of cloud communications and its integration to many rich media communications and services.  


We have the all-in-one all-in-a-box all-inclusive communication system for your business.

Optimize your business communications with carrier-class voice, video, messaging, mobile apps and call handling capabilities.   Now your phone system is the control center of your business's communications.  

Enterprise grade features

  • Unlimited talk between users regardless their location
  • Voice and video calls over WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE networks
  • Unlimited nationwide calling 
  • Faxing and conferencing
  • Local incoming numbers and from any city in any country
  • Toll free and vanity numbers
  • Call Center tools
  • Smartphone and tablet compatibility 
  • Web panel for control and reports

Works across all your branches

FonCentrix streamlines the communication between all your locations regardless if they're many or just one.  Receive a call in Miami and move it two Los Angeles as easy as 1-2-3.  Pick up a call in your tablet while having a cup of coffee and pass it to an associate on its desk phone.  Have a remote team attend your incoming calls.  Even bring vendors or associates to your unique phone system by letting them be part of your corporate phone directory.  Have one system for all your businesses!

FonCentrix is trust worthy.  An implementation team is there to ensure your will have a smooth transition and having your new phone system set up in no time.

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